Welcome to Year 6

Miss Smith and Mrs Okon make up the Year 6 staff team this year.

Summer Term 2022

This half term we will be looking at converting units of measurement, investigating and exploring capacity, length and mass, as well as looking at triangles and different types of angles. In addition to this, we will be using and calculating scale factors. We will also be preparing for the Maths SATs test, working on our arithmetic and problem solving skills. In the second part of the half term we will continue to look at calculating scale factor as well as reading and  interpreting line graphs and pie charts.


This half-term the children will be exploring the text ‘Shakleton’s Journey’ by William Grill .We will be using the structure to inspire us to write our own stories and non-fiction writing. Our focuses will be varying sentence openers, high quality punctuation (such as colons & semi-colons) and using adverbial and prepositional phrases. In the second half of the term we will continue to look at 'Shakleton's Journey' as well as examing and creating our own play scripts. 

Reading at home is extremely appreciated and will help the children experience a wide range of vocabulary. Reading with the children at home and/or discussing books and texts helps them to continually develop their knowledge and understanding. Children will undertake at least three in-class reading sessions per week and have time in class to read for pleasure. Please encourage your child to update their own reading comments at home or feel free to add comments if you have read with your child.
In our theme work, we will be focusing on Geography, where we will explain what palm oil is, how it is used, as well as explaining the benefits and negative points of producing the product. We will also be exploring global trade and looking at where the UK exports to and why. We will then turn to focus on History as we ask the question who had the most impact on the British Isles today? In this study we will take a look back at our previous learning in school as we investigate the Romans, Vikings and Anglo Saxons. 


In Science, we will be looking at evolution and inheritance. We will be learning about Charles Darwin and thinking about the characteristics of offspring. We will also be examining fossils. 

Spring Term 2022


The book we will be focusing on this half term is 'Stormbreaker' by Anthony Horowitz. During the unit we will be focusing on developing our skills in editing and peer assessment and proofreading for errors and spelling mistakes. We will also be continuing our SPaG work, revising key areas of grammar and punctuation.

We will be continuing to work on our inference skills during our reading sessions and we will be developing our writing skills with a focus on writing a mystery narrative as well as an explanation text.


This half term we will be looking at Geometry- position and direction, Decimals and Percentages, Measurements as well as a variety of reasoning and problem solving.


In our Geography work this half term we will be locating countries in the world with a focus on Europe. We will be examining relief and temperature maps as well as conducting a volcano comparison study. We will be questioning what matters to Christians and Humanists during our RE work as well as looking at self-care and responsibility in P.S.H.E.  In our Art work this half term we will be experimenting with different collage techniques as we are inspired by the artist Picasso. In computing we will explore e-safety and the notion of fake news. 


In our Science work we will be focusing on light as we learn about light sources, seeing reflections and shadows as well as understanding how our eyes work. 


Autumn Term


This half-term the children will be focusing on enhancing their narrative writing. We will be exploring Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell and using the structure to inspire us to write our own stories. Throughout all aspects of writing, we will be focusing on sentence structure, grammar and punctuation. In the second half of the Autumn term we will be focusing our skills on writing a historical narrative based on Berlie Doherty's book 'Treason'


In Maths, we will be covering Number & Place Value, Addition & Subtraction and Multiplication & Division. We will also be working hard on Arithmetic, which we will focus on daily. Moving into the second half of the Autumn term we will be focusing on fractions as well as Geometry, position and direction.


We begin our new term with a focus on P.S.H.E, where the children will be exploring their aspirations for the end of Year 6 and for their future. The children will be attending a careers fair in school, having the opportunity to speak to various people in a variety of different professions. These include an architect, project manager, nail technician, journalist and NHS workers.

We will then turn to our Geography investigation as we explore the cities of Paris and Manchester. We will be comparing both physical and human features as well as examining how these cities have changed over time. In the second half of the term we will be studying History, with our main focus on Henry the VIII, we will be examining different types of evidence, working on our retrieval skills and investigating the reliability of sources. 



This term our Science focus will be the circulatory system. We will be conducting investigations and exploring what our blood is made of and how the heart works. We will then turn to look at Living things and their habitats in the second half of the term, as we analyse classification tables and how living things are categorised. 



In our DT work this half term we will be researching,designing, making and evaluating our own Christmas product based on the theme the 'Nutcracker'. 




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