Welcome to Year 6

Miss Smith and Mrs Okon make up the Year 6 staff team this year.

Autumn Term


This half-term the children will be focusing on enhancing their narrative writing. We will be exploring Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell and using the structure to inspire us to write our own stories. Throughout all aspects of writing, we will be focusing on sentence structure, grammar and punctuation. In the second half of the Autumn term we will be focusing our skills on writing a historical narrative based on Berlie Doherty's book 'Treason'


In Maths, we will be looking at using structures to help with problem solving. We will also be working hard on Arithmetic, which we will focus on daily. Moving into the second half of the Autumn term we will be focusing on numbers up to 10,000,00 and drawing, composing and decomposing shapes.


We begin our new term with a focus on P.S.H.E, where the children will be exploring their aspirations for the end of Year 6 and for their future. The children will be attending a careers fair in school, having the opportunity to speak to various people in a variety of different professions. These include a project manager, a journalist as well as an NHS nurse.

We will then turn to our Geography investigation as we explore the cities of Paris and Manchester. We will be comparing both physical and human features as well as examining how these cities have changed over time.

In the second half of the term we will be studying History, with our main focus on Henry the VIII, we will be examining different types of evidence, working on our retrieval skills and investigating the reliability of sources. 


This term our Science focus will be living things and light and reflection. We will be looking at living things and their habitats,analysing classification tables and looking at how living things are categorised. We will then turn to investigate light and reflection. 



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