Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Miss Peacock and Mrs Parkhouse make up the Year 3 team.


Our key text in English is A Walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino. There will be a focus on accurate tense, expanded noun phrases, conjunctions, handwriting and accurate punctuation.  Children will also be encouraged to use higher level vocabulary.


In Maths children will be exploring numbers up to 1000 and beyond. They will use place value grids and concrete resources to gain a good understanding of the value of each digit in a 3 digit number. Children will order and compare numbers up to 1000 and use these skills to order dates in history.  Later in the term children will focus on addition and subtraction using mental methods and formal written methods such as column addition and subtraction.


In theme this term, we will be exploring the question "What are the great geographical features of Great Britain?"  Children will learn about the four countries that make up the UK, their capital cities, regions, physical features and landmarks. Children will take part in fieldwork where they will study part of the local area and in doing so will develop their geographical skills - creating a map with symbols, observing human and physical features and conducting a land use survey.


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Year 3