Year 3

Welcome to Year 3

Miss Peacock and Mrs Parkhouse make up our Year 3 Team.

Summer Term 2021


English this term will link closely with our theme –The Stone Age. We will focus on the story ‘Stone Age Boy!’ and we will be writing our own creative version of the text. We will start by looking at the features of the story and enhancing the children’s writing through text interrogation. After the half term we will be focusing on 'Dave's Cave' writing our own version of the historical narrative. 

A key grammar focus will be on descriptive writing including using adjectives, adverbs and similes, and conjunctions to write more complex sentences.

In reading children will explore a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. They will answer a variety of inference and vocabulary questions and learn to summarise what they have read.


We will start off the term focusing on fractions, building upon previous learning in Year 2 and then moving on to looking at finding fractions of objects, comparing and ordering and then adding and subtracting fractions.

TT Rockstars will be updated with focused times tables and the other website that most children enjoy is ‘Hit the Button’.


Our theme this half term is ‘Settlements’.

Throughout the topic we will be learning about what did early settlers need and where did they settle, how land is used in settlements, how settlements are linked and finally finishing the topic off by creating our own perfect place to settle thinking about resources and requirements needed.

We will them move on to looking at the Stone Age. 

In Science we will be focusing on forces and magnets and rocks and soils.


Year 3