Year 3 2019-2020

Welcome to Year 3
Miss Maxted and Miss Renshaw make up the Year 3 team

Spring 2020
We have an exciting term ahead of us as always at Godley.

The whole school theme for spring is Conflict

Our first  key text is an Ancient Egyptian Creation Myth from ' A Treasury of Egyptian Myths' .  As children are learning about the Ancient Egyptians in History, they will learn about the Gods people believed in and write their own Ancient Egyptian Creation story.  Following this, in Spring 2, the key text will be 'Around the World in Eighty Days' - an adaptation of the original by Jules Verne.  Children will write their own adventure story as well as a letter written from the main character whilst on his/her world trip.

In Maths we will be working on multiplication and division, statistics, money,  measure and fractions.  We will be having a particular focus on arithmetic, so there will be lots of arithmetic work sent for homework.

Our Historical enquiry questions are - 'What would it be like to holiday in Ancient Egypt?'  'Without the Nile, the Ancient Egyptians would not have existed' true or false?

Our Geographical enquiry question is ''How can you use your mapping skills to direct Phileas Fogg on part of his journey around the world?

In Science we will be finding out about the human skeletal system and the function of plant parts.


In Art children will learn how to print on a tile and produce a relief print using variety of resources.

Netball and Volleyball will be our focus in PE sessions.

In PSHE we will be looking at how we have changed from birth and how we will continue to change until adulthood. 

We will also explore current affairs and discuss relationships and conflict resolution

In Music we will be creating our own rock song after learning about Elvis Presley.  We will then explore world music with a focus on Africa.

In RE children will explore key festivals with a focus on Easter in Spring 2

Happy Learning!


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