Year 5 2019

We are now in to the final half-term of Year 5 and fully preparing ourselves for transition to Year 6. 

Our whole school theme is still 'On a Mission' and we have plenty of exciting activities to keep us busy.


We will again be focusing in particular on showing off our writing skills. We will be continuing with our Viking Boy narrative, honing the following skills:


  • using high level punctuation for effect
  • using a range of clauses
  • Editing and improving our work effectively


In reading, we will be focusing on applying our inference skills to more conventional SAT-style reading papers. Children will work on an example reading test (sometimes as part of a group collaboratively) and then we will use the text and questions as a focused Guided Reading session.



This half-term, we will be further developing our reasoning skills, looking at SAT-style questions and applying the knowledge we have gained so far. We will also pay special attention to Geometry.



This will continue to encompass Forces in Science, The Viking Period in History and we will be producing a range of artwork.

- Making Parachutes

- Building a pulley system

- Lifting loads with levers


Who would win in a battle between the Vikings and the Romans?



It's going to be another good one!




Year 5