Welcome to Year 1

Miss Maxted, Mrs Morley and Mrs Winterbottom make up our Year 1 team. 

Autumn Term 1


Our English learning this term will be inspired by the key texts:  ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you See?’ by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle and ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. 

Children will be writing their own stories based on the structure of these. They will be encouraged to use simple sentences with capital letters and full stops, finger spaces between words and accurate letter formation of a suitable size which sit on the line.

In History we will be writing a report about the Great Fire of London.

Please ensure children bring their reading folders to school every day and make a note if your child needs a new book. 

Please practise reading as much as you can at home and try to make it enjoyable. Read together, take turns to read, read to a younger sibling or other relative to make it purposeful. Please make sure children have read and re read their books and answered some questions verbally about the key events, characters and setting.

Our lovely monster phonics books are a great way to practise spelling with key words at the front of each book. They also have comprehension questions to ask at the front or back too.

Children take part in daily phonics sessions, weekly guided reading and regular whole class reading sessions as well as 1:1 reading time with an adult to improve their reading and spelling.

You can support with this at home by playing free online games: www.phonicsplay.co.uk (focus on phase 2 and 3) and  www.monsterphonics.com/games


Please continue to practise accurate letter formation of lower case and capital letters – this is vital! You can also strengthen your child’s fine motor skills through a range of activities - see website for ideas:



This term we will continue to work on addition and subtraction within 10.  We will also learn about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and finding one more and one less within 20.

Children will continue to learn maths through lots of practical experiences. You could support with this at home by encouraging them to count, add, subtract, and find shapes in the house and when you are out and about.


This half term we will be learning about The Great Fire of London.

We will start by thinking about ‘What is History?’ We will then look at placing things in time order – with a particular focus on their own lives before tracing further back.

We will talk about evidence and how we know what happened in the past.

We will sequence key events of the Great Fire of London and answer the key question– why did the Great Fire of London spread so quickly?

If your child has ever been to London and you have photos – please send them in as this will help when we compare now and then.


Autumn Term 1


We will be reading traditional tales to inspire our learning this term. We are focusing on the traditional tale of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We will continue to build on Reception learning and supporting children to write simple sentences independently.

The children will also continue to take part in daily phonics sessions. To improve their reading and spelling.


This term we will be focusing on sorting and counting, comparing and ordering, finding one more and one less, number bonds to 10 and addition and subtraction.

We will be giving the children lots of practical experiences in their maths lessons to deepen their understanding. You can support with this at home by giving them lots of opportunities to count, add and subtract in real life contexts.


In Geography, we will be exploring our local area of Godley and Hyde. We will learn about different houses and buildings in Godley through fieldwork and looking at maps. We will also find out where Godley is located within the world.

Throughout this term in Science, we will learning to identify and describe different materials. We will be investigating the properties of materials when thinking about designing a house for the three little pigs.


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