Welcome to Reception!
This half term in Reception we are going to be focusing on the text "A New House for Mouse" by Petr Horacek. The story follows a little mouse who is looking for a new home that she can fit her delicious apple inside! Along the way she meets a variety of different woodland characters of varying sizes and interests, and tries to find a home that is just right for her.

Our Literacy sessions are based around speaking and listening skills, turn taking in conversation and asking relevant questions. We are exploring the concept of character, sequencing the story and retelling in our own words using actions, puppets and props. We are exploring new vocabulary within the story and using new words to be wonderful storytellers!
We have begun daily phonics sessions and are thoroughly enjoying finding out which letters and sounds we are learning each day! We are linking our new sounds to different objects and words and have begun to blend sounds together to read short words. We love spotting letters in the environment and seeing which letters we recognise! We are exploring different kinds of sounds. rhyme and alliteration too!

Our learning in Maths this half term is focused around counting, sequencing and exploring representations of number within practical and real life concepts. We are helping little mouse and the other characters from the story count the objects in their houses, comparing quantities and saying when a group has more or less. We are using a range of resources to aid our number knowledge and becoming familiar with Numicon shapes and their corresponding numerals. We are developing our knowledge of size by helping to build houses for little mouse and her apple that will fit them both inside and considering how the size of our houses may need to change for each different character!

We are developing our understanding of the world through the text by investigating different animals features and homes. We are thinking about nocturnal animals and how they live and behave. We are linking animal differences to our own, human differences, and are sharing and celebrating what makes us special and unique. We are thinking about different kinds of houses and homes and extending our thinking not just to animals habitats but the area in which we live.
In Reception we are building up our collaborative learning skills through solving problems and working in teams. Our learning in the outdoor environment is largely focused on teamwork, whether it be to put waterproofs and wellies on successfully, build a bridge to cross the riverbed or transport water to fill the pond. We are developing our communication skills to share our ideas and listen to the ideas of others.
We have already made an excellent start to the school year and are excited to keep on learning!
Thank you for your support at home.
Miss Williams & Mrs Borders