Welcome to Reception

Miss Williams and Miss Daniels work in Reception class.

Summer Term 2021


This half term our English sessions will be focused on the text "Blown Away" by Rob Bidduplh. We will be using this text as a starting point to investigate different modes of transport and places we can travel around the world. We will be developing our understanding of language and comprehension skills by retelling, role playing and sequencing this story and beginning to develop our own ideas in relation to travelling and going on adventures! We will be exploring how to make a detailed map and writing instructions to follow a journey to places we find exciting and interesting!

Our daily phonics sessions will continue to take place following our Monster Phonics scheme. This half term we will be consolidating our understanding of Phase 3 digraphs and high frequency words and applying them in our independent reading and writing. We will also be moving onto Phase 4 and focusing on consonant blends, polysyllabic words and compound words. With the help of our friends in Monster Phonics Land, we will be looking for patterns in language, exploring ways different sounds can be represented and applying these skills to our guided, group and independent reading. 

We will be practising our handwriting in weekly sessions, developing our fine motor skills to ensure good dexterity and strength in our fingers and practising correct letter formations. We are continuing to develop an awareness of sentence structure and use of capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in our writing and writing for purposes that are meaningful to us and our individual interests.


In Maths we will be exploring the properties 3d shapes and the use of these in the enivornment, inlcuding for construction and building. We will be creating our own 3d models, investigating how some shapes can be similar or different and using them to solve problems. We will also be developing our spatial reasoning skills using 2d and 3d shapes. We will move onto exploring numbers beyond 10 this half term, consider the place value of numbers between 11-20 and how we can build and recognise these quantities using a range of practical equipment. We will be investigating the composition of numbers beyond 10, using our prior knowledge of numbers 1-10.


We will be exploring different modes of transport throughout the land, sea and air. We are investigating different kinds of land, including the desert, polar regions, rainforest, town and cities and the countryside. We will be sharing out favourite modes of transport and considering the best methods to travel to different places around the world!

We will continue to enjoy developing our creative skills with the use of a range of tools, different painting techniques such as printing and sponging and exploration into colour mixing. We will be starting each day with a song and enjoying a wide range of music linked to our transport topic.

We will also be exploring life cycles and are very excited about the arrival of some chicken eggs later in the half term! We will be learning about the incubation process, watching the eggs hatch and taking care of our new hatchlings!


Nursery rhymes to sing and watch
Counting games
Listening to sounds
Letter formation
Shape recognition
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