Welcome to Reception

Miss Williams and Miss Daniels work in Reception class.


This half term our Literacy sessions will be largely focused around speaking and listening skills and joining in with stories and rhymes. We will be focusing on a key high quality text, ‘A New House for Mouse’, as the stimulus for our learning. We will be following the journey of the main character, Mouse, and investigating how she can solve the problem within the story. We will be using this text to develop our own viewpoints and ideas, and practise sharing our ideas with others. We will be beginning to ask questions of others and working hard to take turns when speaking and listening to other people’s ideas.

This half term we will be introducing the children to phase 2 phonics and learning some letter sounds. We will be learning to recognise the letters of the alphabet by sight and sound and we will be also learning the correct letter formations. We will also be encouraging the children to recognise familiar words such as their own name.


This half term we will be practising our counting skills and using them in lots of different contexts. We will be exploring and investigating quantities and sizes of numbers, and comparing numbers using language such as ‘more’ and ‘fewer’. We will be learning to recognise numerals to 10 and exploring what the numerals represent. We will be encouraging the children to use their number knowledge and understanding within their play and in real life contexts, as well as to solve problems and reason. Our maths lessons are largely practical, with lots of opportunities to play and explore with numbers and quantities. We will be practising how to form and write numerals to 10 correctly too!       


In our theme this term, we will be answering the question "What would Mouse, like and dislike about our local enironment?" We will be using our key text as a stimulus to explore and share about our own lives and the lives of others, including places we live, foods we like to eat and our favourite animals. We will be investigating woodland creatures and their habitats, engaging in creative activities linked to animals and foods, and working together to build and construct houses and homes! We will be exploring the concept of nocturnal animals and thinking about seasonal change too!