Reception 2019-2020

Welcome to Reception!

Miss Williams and Miss Murray work in Reception class.

We hope you have had an enjoyable and restful Christmas holiday!
This half term in Reception we are going to be focusing on the text "There Is No Dragon In This Story" by Lou Carter. The story follows a dragon who is desperate to be part of a story and tries to fit into a number of traditional tales - with no luck! Eventually the dragon realises he must create his own story, and goes on an adventure to do exactly that. The story is intertwined with a number of traditional tales too!

Our English sessions are focusing each week on one of the different traditional tales featured in our key text, giving us the opportunity to explore them in more detail. We will be considering characters and settings and how these differ from story to story. We are exploring the concept of a story "problem" and how these are ultimately solved. We are broadening our vocabulary and story language, considering ways in which we can describe characters and places and developing our understanding skills by looking closely at pictures for clues. We are practising our story telling skills through sequencing, storymapping, retelling and bookmaking.



Our daily Monster Phonics sessions will continue to focus our blending skills and start to incorporate polysyllabic words and consonant blends. We will be continuing to receive help from our monster friends in identifying different sounds and digraphs, decoding words and spotting high frequency words. We will be grouping sounds together according to their monster and looking at patterns in words and language. Our phonics sessions incorporate both reading and writing opportunities. This half term we are introducing the children to our Monster Phonics reading books, which will be used in weekly focused reading sessions and will be available for the children to bring home to share with an adult too.

Our learning in Maths this half term is focused around counting beyond 10 and identifying different representations of number up to 20. We will be practising counting objects which cannot be moved around or that may be in an irregular arrangement. We are considering the place value of numbers beyond 10 and what the numerals represent!| Later in the half term we will be focusing on 2d and 3d shapes, identifying these in the environment, spotting similarities and differences and beginning to describe some of their properties. We will be using 2d and 3d shapes for building and construction too!

We are developing our understanding of the world by making links to our key text and traditional tales. We are looking back in History to the tale of St George and the Dragon and considering how and why this story is so important to us in England. Our scientific exploration will focus around different materials and we will be making predictions and testing our ideas for how to make bridges and which materials will be best to make a boat! We will be developing our creativity by using open ended resources to create castles, dragons and our own small worlds! We will also be considering how to design and evaluate when we are creating and building. We are encouraging the children to develop perseverance skills when they are "stuck" and find different avenues to be successful at their goals. 



This half term we will be undertaking continuous provision challenges! The children will have 6 tasks per week across the Reception provision to complete independently, practising specific skills and developing confidence and collaboration. We will be celbrating success in these challenges on a daily basis and encouraging children to apply their knowledge and understanding from focused sessions and teaching into their independent learning. We are very excited to get stuck in and push ourselves to become even better learners!

We have already made an excellent start to the new year and are excited to keep on learning!

Thank you for your continuing support at home.

Miss Williams & Miss Murray