Welcome to Reception

Mrs Gates, Miss Shaw and Miss Parveen work in Reception

Spring Term 2024


Our English sessions are largely based around speaking and listening skills, exploring language and making links to our rainforest topic. We are developing our ability to describe this half term, choosing words carefully to accurately explain what jungle animals look and behave like. We will be looking more closely at non-fiction texts and will be planning and writing our own rainforest fact files later in the half term.We are expanding our vocabulary all of the time and taking advantage of any opportunity to learn new words!

Later in the term we will be focusing on traditional tales.



This half term we are continuing with our learning of Phase 3 digraphs (sounds that have two or more letters!) Our Monster Phonics friends will continue to help us learn new sounds by linking them to different colours and we will be practising reading both colour-coded and plain text words in class. We will be having whole class reading sessions linked to a familiar traditional tale each week, which will focus on our digraph for that week. 



This half term we are focusing on key mathematical skills of subitising (recognising patterns and arrangements of objects without having to count them) and composition of numbrs. We will be exploring the representation and composition of numbers up to 7, thinking about how numbers can be combined to make new, larger numbers or split into smaller groups. We will be developing vocabulary linked to addition and subtraction and deepening our understanding of what each numeral represents.

Later in the half term we will be comparing mass and capacity, using a range of equipment. We will also be investigating and length and height. We will also be considering time through the order and sequence of different events, using a daily timetable in our classroom and looking closely at our clock.          



In Geography we are learning about the Amazon Rainforest in South America. We will be exploring the world map and thinking about some of the features of the rainforest, including which animals live there, what the weather is like and other physical features. In Science we will be investigating which animals live in the rainforest and beginning to categorise animals that live in the rainforest too. We will also be focusing on seasonal changes in the Winter and exploring the features of this season.                                

In Art we will be looking at Rousseau’s “Tiger in a Tropical Storm” and using different media to create our own versions of this famous painting.