Welcome to Year 2

Miss Peacock and Mrs Winterbottom make up the team in Year 2

Spring Term 2022


In English, we will be focusing on the book I see the sun in Nepal, which tells the tale of a day in the life of a little girl from a traditional Nepalese village. We will then attempt to write our own comparison stories about a day in the children’s lives. We will be using capital letters, full stops, commas, exclamation marks and question marks effectively in our writing.


In Maths, we will be focusing on multiplication and division we will be making and adding different groups, learn to use arrays, make doubles and look at multiplying and dividing by 2, 5 and 10. It would be greatly appreciated if you could encourage your child to look at their times tables at home and their number bonds to 20, perhaps playing games such as Hit the Button.


In Geography, our theme is Manchester vs Kathmandu we will be comparing and contrasting the two locations. We will be looking at the human and physical features, rainfall and climate, tourism and we will finish by writing a travel guide for Kathmandu using all our new knowledge, Children will also apply their geographical knowledge from the previous term where we researched Salford.


In Science we will be studying plants.  This will involve: what conditions a plant needs to grow, the different parts of a plant, the life cycle of a plant, planting seeds and watching them grow into plants and caring for the plants using the knowledge we have learnt.

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Year 2