Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Miss Maxted and Mrs Winterbottom make up the team in Year 2


In English we will be focusing on the story 'Hodgeheg' by Dick King-Smith.  This links closely to our Science unit on habitats and is a lovely story about a hedgehog who faces the dilemma of how to get to the other side of a busy road to reach the park. Children will write their own stories based on this idea using accurately sequenced sentences punctuated with capital letters and full stops, accurate letter formation and size, and descriptive language to engage the reader.  Dick King-Smith has written lots of books for children of this age so it would be great if you could share some at home.


In Maths we will be focusing on reading and writing numbers to 100, recognising the place value of two digit numbers and using this to compare and order numbers using different mathematical symbols. The Children will also be learning to count in steps of 2, 5 and 10. There is a big focus in Year 2 on mathematical reasoning so children will have lots of opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding to mathematical problems.


In our theme this term, we will explore the question "What is the best borough in Greater Manchester?" Children will be exploring the geographical features of Manchester and comparing 2 boroughs – Tameside Vs Salford.  They will explore the physical and human features of each borough before expressing their own viewpoint on which is the best and why. In Science we will be focusing on living things in their habitats.  Children will learn how to tell if something is alive or not, the different habitats of plants and animals, microhabitats and food chains.  


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Year 2