Welcome to Nursery

Mrs Linder, Mrs Constantine and Miss Aktar are the staff team in Nursery.

Autumn Term 2023


We will be focussing on nursery rhymes in English - encouraging children to listen, join in and discuss the events and charaters in the rhymes.

Phonics: This half term we will be listening carefully to sounds around us. We will be making different sounds,  copying sounds and identifying sounds.

Mark making: The children will be experimenting with different types of mark making in the different areas in nursery, giving meaning to their marks and beginning to recognise our name. We will also be starting “Squiggle while you wiggle” and “Dough Disco”, which teaches pre-writing skills through music and movement. 

Reading: We will be listening to lots of stories, answering questions and predicting what might happen! Naming the different parts of a book.


We will be using numbers in our play. We will be matching, sorting, comparing objects according to size and comparing quantities using more and fewer. Talking and looking at simple patterns. We will be learning  about numbers, recognising the symbol, counting objects, making marks, using numicon and lots of other experiences and resources including numberblocks.


Aspirations - what do you want to be wgen you grow up?

Our bodies, naming parts, how we use them, moving in different ways, riding scooters

Our family and who is in it.

Making new friends to play with. We will be exploring the outdoors and learning about our environment too.

We will be developing our speaking and listening skills, understanding what and where questions.

Talking about our experiences.

Know there are different countries and we live in England

We will also be thinking about how we can follow instructions, choosing activities, sharing and be kind to each other.



Summer Term 2023


This half term we will be continuing to recognise our names and identify rhymes and alliteration. We will be continuing to get ready to read and know that print has meaning. We are continuing to recognise and name letters that we see and hear in the nursery and around school.  We will be listening carefully to sounds, identifying them and copying them. We will be blending and segmenting sounds together to make words. We will be starting to think about letters and sounds and use them in our writing and name writing.  We will also be continuing to improve our pencil control.

This term we will be writing about the seaside - orally composing ideas before trying to make marks and letters.

In reading we will be continuing to recognise that we read from left to write and top to bottom on a page. We will be talking about the events in stories and predicting the end of them. As well as joining in with repetitive language and familiar stories and rhymes.

Children will be sequencing a simple familiar story, using language from familiar stories in role play. Children will recognise some letters of the alphabet by sound on sight and blend CVC words orally.

Children will develop an opinion on stories and events and say whether they agree or disagree with someone else. Children will hold a back and forth conversation and use talk to organise themselves and their play.

Next term our focus text will be Dinosaur Roar by Henrietta Stickland



In maths we will be recognising the concept of zero and the numeral, comparing groups of numbers from 1 to 5 and identifying pairs of numbers that make 5. We will also be experimenting with symbols and marks as well as numerals.

Children will be using spatial awareness and to manipulate shapes to make pictures and match them to other objects.  They will using spatial awareness to complete jigsaws and talk about how they fit together - understanding position through words alone.

Children will be selecting 2D/3D shapes appropriately to make models and talk about them.  They will use some shape names and begin to describe a sequence of events, real or fictional.

Next term out focus will be on patterns and relationships.


We will be starting a new topic “The Seaside” and reading the book Anna Hibiscus Splash by Atinuke. We will be learning about the seaside, holidays and different places around the world.

Next term our topic is all about dinosaurs!


Nursery rhymes to sing and watch  https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06kbsbz

Counting games https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/3-5-years/counting

Listening to sounds https://www.phonicsbloom.com/uk/game/list/phonics-games-phase-1

Letter formation http://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/skyWriter/index.html

Shape recognition https://www.topmarks.co.uk/early-years/shape-monsters

Stories to listen to https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/stories


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