Welcome to Nursery

Mrs Linder and Miss Ainscough are the staff team in Nursery.


We will be using numbers in our play. We will be counting objects accurately by pointing to each one, beginning to understand what numbers and quantities are and recognising numbers. We will be introducing the Numicon resource and using this to recognise shapes in relation to numbers. We will be solving problems and recognising, colours and simple 2D and 3D shapes.


This half term we will be listening carefully to sounds around us. We will be making different sounds, copying sounds, listening for rhyming words and identifying sounds. The children will be mark making in the different areas in nursery and having a go at writing letters in their names and giving meaning to their marks. We will also be starting Finger gym and Write Dance in PE, which teaches pre-writing skills through music and movement. We will be listening to lots of stories, answering questions and predicting what might happen! We will also be learning lots of new songs and rhymes, as well as singing our favourites.


In our theme this term, we will be answering the questions "Who am I?" and "What are special events in my life?". We will be reading 'So much' and 'Happy Birthday Maisy'. We have lots of exciting and creative activities for the children to take part in. We will be thinking about our bodies and how we use them and we will also be thinking about our families and making new friends to play with. We will be exploring the outdoors and learning about our environment too. We will be developing our speaking and listening skills. We will also be thinking about how we can follow instructions and be kind to each other.


Nursery rhymes to sing and watch
Counting games
Listening to sounds
Letter formation
Shape recognition
Stories to listen to