Welcome to Nursery

Mrs Linder and Miss Ainscough are the staff team in Nursery.

English and Phonics

This half term we will be continuing to recognise letters and words, knowing that print has meaning. The children are beginning to spot letters and words that they see and in the nursery.

We will be continuing to listen to sounds and identify them, copy sounds and patterns. We are will be continuing to work on identifying sounds that rhyme.

In English in our writing, we will be: Using talk for writing, making marks, symbols and letters, developing pencil grip and control, thinking of ideas to write, story mapping, and changing the words

In English in our reading we will be: Reading the book Splash Anna Hibiscus, continuing to learn a wide variety of Nursery rhymes and actions, recounting, reading some Phase 2 graphemes, knowing we read letters, words, left to right and top to bottom, recalling information from the story, predicting the outcome of the story and talking about the characters.



In Maths we will be comparing objects of different weights, estimating which is heavy and light and measuring this with scales.

In Maths we will when a container is full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty. We will find a container that holds more and less, we will count how many spoons it takes to fill a container and we will compare which container holds most.

In Maths I will recognise and understand Zero. I will compare numbers. I will recognise and understand 4,5,6,7,8,9,10. We will make pairs and combine groups of objects.

In Maths we will be comparing objects to see which is highest and longest. We will find objects that are shorter and longer. We will begin to sort objects according to their size.

In Maths we will be looking at a baby photo and how we have changed, talking about the names of the days, counting how many times I can do something in a given time, timing everyday activities and observing seeds grow.



We will be reading “Splash Anna Hibiscus” by Atinuke. We will be learning about new and different places, holidays, where we go, how we get there and what we do and see. We will be learning about holidays in the past. We will be filling in the missing words, recalling information, ordering the events in the story, talking about the characters and setting, learning new vocabulary. We will be opening our own seaside nursery re enact visits, write postcards and look for seaside objects.

We will be learning about special family celebrations and festivals and sharing our experiences.

We will will be learning how things work such as computer mouse, cd player, toy tools and making an invention.

We will be continuing to observe seasonal changes on regular walks around school.

We will be painting and drawing pictures of ourselves at the seaside, we will paint characters from the story.

We will be developing our cutting skills to make sand castles, sea creatures and combining resources for a collage.



Nursery rhymes to sing and watch
Counting games
Listening to sounds
Letter formation
Shape recognition
Stories to listen to