Nursery 2019-2020

Welcome to Nursery!

Mrs Linder and Mrs Winterbottom are the staff team in Nursery.
Welcome to the new year! Please read on for a run through of what the Spring term has in store.


In Numeracy we will be continuing to accurately count objects , count aloud to 10 and beyond, and recognise numerals to 10. We will be counting forwards and backwards to 10. We will be matching the

numeral to quantities of objects, knowing that we use numbers to count a group of objects. We will also be asking questions about numbers and counting.


We will be developing an interest in numerals and shapes in the environment. We will be naming and spotting 2d shapes, as well as using them to make pictures. 



This half term we will be continuing to recognise knowing that print has meaning.  We will be learning that we read from left to right and top to bottom.

We are beginning to recognise and name letters that they see and hear in the nursery and around school.  We will be listening carefully to sounds,  identifying them and copying them.  We will be enjoying and listening carefully to a variety of stories;  predicting events, thinking about the setting and

characters as well as answering  questions about what has happened in the story.  We will be

looking at the illustrations and print. We will be looking out for words  and print in the environment.


We will be basing our learning around the  Poem Collection of “A great big cuddle” by Michael Rosen as well as sharing lots of stories and poems by Michael Rosen. We will be listening to rhyming words and trying to  identify them and make up our own rhymes!


Our first topic of the half term is “Conflict” where we will be

focusing on Feelings in the Poetry book, “A great big cuddle”. We will be listening to the poems, identifying the feelings about the

Poems, dancing to the poems, acting them out and choosing our favourite poems. We will also be listening to different stories about friends and sharing toys. We will be thinking about the poems and our responses as well as drawing and painting characters from the book.



We are working on lots of activities that are helping us get ready for reading and writing.

This includes listening and identifying sounds, copying sounds, identifying rhyme and rhythm , discriminating different sounds and realising that words start with different sounds  and spotting words that start with the same sound, e.g. I spy. We are beginning to sound out simple words

e.g. c-u-p and blend them back together.

We have started to learn names and sounds in words, as well as how to write them.

Week Commencing

6.1.20    a   s

13.1.20   t    p

20.1.20  i    n

27.1.20  m   g

3.2.20   b    p

10.2.20  c    k



Nursery rhymes to sing and watch
Counting games
Listening to sounds
Letter formation
Shape recognition
Stories to listen to