Welcome to Year 4

Mr Anderson and Mrs Parkhouse work in Year 4.

Autumn Term 2023


We will start off the term focusing on place value; partitioning numbers, column addition, real life problems with measures. We will also focus on times tables.


English this term we will focus on the story ‘Minpins’ and will be writing our own creative version of the text. We will start by looking at the features of the story and enhancing the children’s writing through text interrogation.


We begin with our focus on PSHE where the children will be exploring and achieving their aspirations for Year 4 and the future.

Our Geography focus will be comparing and contrasting similarities and differences with inner city life and that of life in a rural environment.



Summer Term 2023


This half term we will be looking at decimals with a particular reference to: Make a whole, write and compare decimals, order and round decimals and looking at fractions and decimals. Adding and subtracting decimals and how to approach word problems with one and two steps.

Times tables is an ongoing feature for Year 4. Please encourage your child to continue going on TT Rockstars or Hit The Button.


This term Year 4 will be focusing on the book ‘How To Stay Alive’ by Bear Grylls creating our own non-fiction text-instructions and newspaper reports. We will continue to look at various aspects of SPAG during our English sessions with a particular focus on inverted commas, using a greater variety of conjunctions and including possessive nouns.

During our reading sessions we will be focusing on various authors and selecting extracts from their books for our ‘Text Interrogation’- with an emphasis on paragraphs.


This half term we will be looking at Physical Geography. With a focus on volcanoes and earthquakes. We will be locating these key features across the world.


States of matter – We will be looking at solids, liquids and gases, changes of state, evaporation and condensation,


Spring Term


In our Maths work we will be learning Multiplication, Division, Fractions and perimeter. We will be encouraging the children to take ownership of their learning and discuss their own approaches to solving our Maths problems. We like a challenge in Year 4 so we are looking forward to pushing ourselves with our learning, continuing to step out of our comfort zone! We will continue to learn our times tables on a regular basis, it would be great if you could support with this at home.


The children’s spelling and grammar skills will also be of key focus this year so support with spellings would be extremely appreciated.

This half term we will be exploring texts including ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne


  • To plan and write a narrative
  • To create characters, a setting and plot in a narrative
  • To use and maintain correct tense
  • To use ambitious vocabulary
  • To use Plural and Possessive ‘s’ appropriately.
  • Using comma’s for lists
  • To identify and use main and subordinate clauses.
  • To write a non-fiction recount
  • To proof read and edit writing


  • Following our approach to a comprehension- Step by Step.
  • Text interrogation-identifying main ideas drawn from more than 1 paragraph and summarising these
  • Focus on vocabulary, retrieval and inference - VIPERS


In our theme work we will be focusing on Geography, where we will research and record our findings studying Rivers and Mountains. Looking specifically at the impact wolves have on rivers. Our science this term will be the Human body, looking at and creating working models on the digestive system. We will also be looking at Living Things and their habitats-identify and name plants/animals, classification of plants/animals. Environments can changes and pose dangers to living things.

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