Welcome to Year 5!

Miss Smith and Mrs Bellis work in Year 5 this year.

We are really looking forward to all the fantastic learning this half term in Year 5!

Our English sessions will focus on the picture book 'Flotsam' by David Weisner, as we explore different language techniques and create our own narrative. We will be looking at the book 'How to survive' by Bear Gryls in our focused read sessions, where we examine the features of a non-fiction text.

In our Maths work we will continue to look at fractions as well as decimals and percentages.  As usual we will be participating in a lot of reasoning and problem solving.

Our History work will be centered on the Titanic, as we explore all the fascinating stories and theroies of the very famous ship. We will be reflecting and reviewing different accounts of History and be asking why different versions of History exist.

Year 5

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