Year 5 2018


This half term, in English, Year 5 will be exploring the story ‘Viking Boy’ by Tony Bradman. This links nicely with our history study of the period.

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We will be continuing to look at various aspects of SPAG during our English sessions with a particular focus on using different language techniques, the use of semi colons and colons as well as incorporating all our previous SPAG learning into our work.


Our whole school theme for this term is ‘On a Mission’. This will mostly be made up of work based on the Vikings:


History – accounts of the past and how the Vikings have affected life today;


Geography – Where they originated from, where they invaded and where they settled;


Science – Why did some Vikings set sail in search for where the sun went at night? (Space and Forces);


Computing – Programming with ‘Scratch’.


Here's to a great Summer Term!


Year 5 Team.



Year 5

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