Welcome to Year 2!

Mrs Dodds, Miss Gilmore and Miss Donogher work in our Year 2 class.

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Year 2 have got an exciting half term planned learning all about India based around our story Pattan's Pumpkin, an Indian Flood Story. The children will be exploring life in an Indian village and how this is similar and different to where we live, focusing on human and physical features.  In History we will look at how transport has changed over time and learn how to place events on a timeline.


Year 2 have become great at collaboration and working together to solve tricky problems. Have a look!

2GD collaboration


Year 2 have developed into fabulous artists learning how to work with a range of materials to create collages in the style of different artists. 

2GD Art


Just look at Year 2's fabulous homework projects over the year! We loved sharing them with each other and Year 1! An excellent effort

2GD Homework


Year 2

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