Year 1 2018

Welcome to Year 1!

Miss Hughes, Mrs Constantine and Miss Renshaw teach in Year 1.                                                                         

Our new whole school topic is ‘On A Mission’. Our mission in Year 1 is to become Zoologists. Our new class text, 'One Day On Our Blue Planet- In The Savannah' by Ella Bailey, will drive our Science learning on animals from Africa.


We will be learning how to group animals according to their features and diets. This will lead into learning on the human body.


Our class book will also inspire our Geography learning on locating continents, the equator and hot and cold climates. We are really looking forward to developing our knowledge of Zoology!


This term, our English work will also be inspired by our class text. We will be doing lots of different types of writing based on this story including descriptions, fact files, poetry and a nature narration!


It is fantastic to see how much reading the children have been doing at home and we are grateful for your support! We will continue to have daily phonics sessions where the children will learn new sounds within real and fake words. Please keep giving your child plenty of opportunities to practise ready for the phonics screening check next half term


You can support with this at home by visiting the website

When visiting this page click on the blue box marked ‘free resources’ then follow these links parents- interactive resources- phase 4 or phase 5.


We will continue to learn a range of skills in our Maths lessons. These include simple multiplication and division (identifying and counting equal groups) and fractions (finding halves and quarters of shapes and quantities. As we move towards the end of Year 1, we will be encouraging the children to become more independent in their Maths work, particularly their problem solving skills. 


Thank you for your continued support!

Year 1


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