Reception 2018


Welcome to Reception!


This half term we are really excited to welcome our new Reception class to Godley! Our primary focus for this half term is to ensure our children settle into to the day to day routines within school, become familiar with expectations and standards for behaviour and wellbeing and to promote a love of learning, through play based and focused activities.

This half term our learning will be based around the key text 'A New House for Mouse' by Petr Horacek.

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We are beginning our learning based around this text by exploring the characters and settings within the story, talking about the events that occur and retelling, sequencing and re-enacting the story. We will be developing our understanding skills and use of different vocabulary and language too! We will be working really hard to develop our speaking and listening skills, taking turns with others and developing good non-verbal communication skills too.


We will be beginning our reading journey this year with daily Phonics sessions where we will be learning about the letters of the alphabet and their names and sounds. We will be engaging with the letters and their sounds in songs, rhymes and games to explore the different sounds, identify initial sounds in words and begin to blend different sounds together. We will be looking for letters and words in the environment and seeing which letters we can spot in our favourite stories. We will take part in small focused group reading sessions too!


In our Maths sessions we will be beginning to engage with number and explore the concepts of more and fewer. We will be hunting for numbers in the environment and finding out the different ways number can be represented! We will be working hard to develop an understanding of how to correctly match numerals to quantities and thinking carefully about which numbers are important to us and why. We will be practising our counting skills through lots of practical exploration, songs and games.


We will be thinking about sharing aspects of our home life and thinking about Mouse's house in comparison to where we live! We will be exploring different kinds of habitats and places to live, for both people and animals. We will also be looking closely at change and how we can affect change to an object through scientific exploration!


In Reception we are always keen to promote independence and a sense of responsibility among the children. We encourage the children to take care of their own belongings, and to get changed as independently as possible for PE sessions. We work hard in Reception to collaborate with others, help our friends who are in need and to work together when things get tricky. If we try, try try, then we can, can can!


We are really looking forward to another wonderful year in Reception!


Miss Williams & Mrs Borders







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