Reception 2018


Welcome to Reception!


This half term we are immersing ourselves within the story 'The Bog Baby' by Jeanne Willis. The story describes the adventures of two little girls who go fishing in a magical pond and find a mysterious creature who they keep as their pet. We will be exploring concepts of care and support, particularly focused around family and pets, as well as natural habitats and wildlife through this text.

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Within our Literacy sessions we will be continuing to focus on developing our speaking and listening skills, including turn taking in conversation and in groups, asking and answering questions with others and retelling a familiar story. We will be using our imaginations to visualise our own Bog Babies and developing our vocabularies by describing them to others. We will be beginning to explore and investigate the differences between fiction and non-fiction, creating our own fact files about pets and animals we love. We will be using our phonic knowledge to write our ideas and label our pictures and drawings too!


During our Mathematics sessions we will be beginning to implement our counting and number skills to solve problems and begin to record information about numbers. We will be collecting information and making comparisons between quantities and numbers and using mathematical language to describe our findings. We are looking to identify our own mathematical problems around us and seeing how we can work together to solve them! We are fascinated by our class clock and will be spending time monitoring how it moves and works throughout the day, beginning to identify 'o'clocks' and spotting significant times within our daily routine eg. register time, dinnertime and hometime. 

We are working hard on our creative development by using lots of different resources and media to paint, print, model and draw. We are focusing on the artist Claude Monet as a stimulus to create our own magical ponds and lilypads. We are investigating how colours can be made lighter and darker, or completely changed altogether! We are also considering how we can combine different resources to achieve different effects and thinking carefully about what tools we might need to achieve and create our ideas and designs.


Collaboration is a key learning behaviour for us in Reception and we are working hard to take turns, share and problem solve with our friends. We are enjoying working in pairs and small groups to achieve our goals and celebrate our successes! We are working hard on our independence as learners and developing strategies for perseverance when things get tricky! In Reception our motto is 'If you try, try, try, then you can, can, can!"

We are really looking forward to our Christmas Nativity this year! We will be performing the show 'Shine Star, Shine!' and are really excited about performing for all of our friends and families. We are enjoying learning new songs, dances and actions and are working hard on our speaking to tell the story. We can't wait to put on our costumes and amaze everyone!

We are really looking forward to the half term ahead and getting into the Christmas spirit!


Miss Williams & Mrs Borders







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