Welcome to Reception!

Miss Williams and Mrs Borders work in our Reception class.


We have been enjoying exploring a key high quality text as a stimulus for our learning in Reception! We are beginning our whole school topic 'Go with the Flow' by exploring and investigating the story 'Jack and the Flumflum Tree' by Julia Donaldson.  

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In our Literacy sessions we are developing our language and comprehension skills by talking about, sequencing and retelling our key text and favourite stories, using props, puppets and pictures. We are responding and sharing our ideas about pictures and photographs in our stories, developing opinions about what we like and dislike and investigating characters by asking questions, hot seating and exploring dilemmas. A mystery sack full of strange items has appeared in our classroom, and we are busy investigating what we could use them for!

RNW Literacy

We have been working really hard in Reception on our collaboration skills and have been working in pairs and small groups to promote good teamwork, sharing and communication skills. We are continuing to develop our use of talk and language to clarify our ideas and thoughts, sharing our knowledge and understanding with our friends and in small groups, and using lots of imaginative language to support our play!

RNW Collaboration

We have been enjoying learning in different ways and by using a range of resources, including different kinds of IT. We have been practising using a mouse to play games and complete activities on the desktop computers, using iPads to practise our mathematical skills and by using other resources such as walkie-talkies, StoryPhones and Beebots to develop our IT skills and enhance our independent learning.

We have been working hard to recognise numbers to 20 and beyond. We have been practising our counting skills by counting objects, pictures, sounds and movements. We have been developing our reasoning skills and understanding of concepts of number by investigating number in the indoor and outdoor environments, applying our number knowledge to real-life situations and to solve tricky number problems. We have been developing our understanding of addition and subtraction and thinking about how we can manipulate and change quantities. 

RNW Maths


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