Reception 2018


Welcome back! We hope you have enjoyed a wonderfully restful Christmas break!


This half term we are immersing ourselves within the story 'Blue Penguin' by Petr Horacek. The story, set in Antarctica, follows a little blue penguin who is born looking and feeling very different to all the other penguins. Despite being able to do all the things other penguins are able to do, the Blue Penguin is not accepted by his community. The book explores the themes of identity, belonging, kindness and acceptance of people's differences and has strong links to aspects of our Personal, Social and Emotional development.

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Within our Literacy sessions we will be beginning to develop out ability to describe settings and characters and we will be beginning to write our ideas in short sentences. We will be exploring the differences between factual information texts and fiction and will be researching and finding out more about the continent of Antarctica. We will be developing our speaking and listening skills when working in a larger group and working collaboratively with our peers. We will be developing our own ideas and opinions on different stories and talking about why we like certain books, seeing if we can make links between different stories and our own experiences and looking for patterns.


During our Mathematics sessions we will be consolidating our counting skills to 10 and up to 20 and beyond. We will be implementing our counting skills in different contexts and counting objects that cannot be moved, things we cannot touch such as actions and sounds and objects or pictures in irregular arrangements. We will be suing our knowledge of number to begin adding groups of objects together, using Numicon to problem solve and investigating how we can manipulate quantities by making them larger or smaller or by separating them. We will then link our knowledge of quantities and numbers to capacity using a variety of practical equipment both indoors and outdoors!

We are very excited to be taking part in lots of outdoor learning this half term! We will be exploring seasonal change and observing how the weather and environment around us has changed during the season of Winter. We will be using our riverbed to problem solve, innovate and develop collaboration skills. We will be using our imaginations to develop role play and narratives in our Polar Explorers campsite and seeing what animals we can spot, draw and write about! We will be taking advantage of the cold weather to explore freezing and melting and investigating ways we can speed these processes up, or slow them down!


This half term we are focusing on the learning behaviour of 'perseverance'. We are considering ways we can help ourselves when we become stuck and developing our resilience as learners. We are developing strategies to evaluate, adapt and keep going with our learning when things get tricky, and are using our collaboration skills to help us! We are enjoying being self sufficient learners who lead their own learning and are working hard to challenge ourselves independently!


We have made an excellent start to the half term and can't wait to explore all things frozen!

Thank you for your continuing support at home!


Miss Williams & Mrs Borders







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