High importance is placed on keeping physically fit and healthy at Godley with 2 hours quality PE taught each week. 

Each block of PE begins by examining an inspirational sports person or event. A range of skills such as balance, agility and coordination are intertwined throughout PE sessions with the opportunity for children to review, evaluate and reflect on their work. 

Children in the Early Years have daily opportunities to develop their motor skills and learn outside. They develop their physical skills in the continuous provision areas alongside more formal PE sessions.

Our Year 4 children attend swimming sessions once a week, practising skills to achieve their National Curriculum swimming award and further develop their swimming achievements.

Every child at Godley experiences a focused half term of dance, taught by a professional dance coach. These sessions are driven and inspired by the whole school themes and the high quality texts being studied.

We work in partnership with coaches from Stockport County Community Foundation and Cheshire Cricket Board in school to take lessons and extra-curricular clubs both at lunchtime and after school. 

We have established school club links to give students opportunities to participate in sport inside and outside of school. We also enhance PE provision through a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs. 

Pupils from KS1 and KS2 have the opportunity to take part in competitions and festivals throughout the school year across a broad spectrum of sports.

Sporting role models are invited into school to inspire our children and to open their eyes to the world of sport.

We have pupil Sports Ambassadors who champion PE and keeping fit. They support the younger children and act as sporting role models within school.


PSHE and Citizenship

At Godley, we believe PSHE and Citizenship are the key to supporting children's spiritual, moral, emotional and physical development, preparing them for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. 

Through our ‘Building better learning’ approach we promote life-long learning concentrating on children's attitudes and values, personal and social skills as well as knowledge and understanding. 

PSHE and Citizenship are embedded within our school curriculum, being taught in school assemblies, circle time, lessons and through a cross curricular approach

Children are encouraged to reflect, express and respond through discussion and debate to challenge questions or current affairs introduced. Children learn to empathise, reason and reflect throughout sessions. Organisations such as the NSPCC often come into school to lead assemblies and workshops to support learning in this area.

There are also whole-school themed weeks such as anti-bullying week and Healthy week, which promote good physical and mental health.