EYFS Learning Journey

At Godley Primary, our Early Years provision is designed and implemented to develop a robust and comprehensive foundation for further learning. 

A thematic approach is employed based on whole school themes and centred around a high quality text which drives learning in all aspects of the early years curriculum.  A wide range of stimulating experiences allow the application of skills, knowledge and understanding in motivating, exciting and purposeful contexts. 

The Early Years environments are consciously designed and resourced to maximise learning.  They stimulate language development and enable learners to be confident, competent communicators. There are many opportunities for practical and purposeful experiences to develop vocabulary and reasoning skills. Opportunities to talk and listen to one another are valued and celebrated. The provision enables children to practise skills which have been specifically taught and provide suitable challenge to deepen understanding. The learning environments throughout our Nursery and Reception classrooms evolve throughout the year as our children grow, develop and begin to access the next stage of learning. 

A combination of adult-led activities, child-led learning opportunities and directed independent tasks are used to develop learners effectively. Children engage in open-ended activities and are guided or questioned by adults to secure or deepen their understanding. Children have free access to indoor and outdoor learning environments and opportunities to read, mark-make, problem solve and reason are rich throughout.

The teaching of learning behaviours enable children to be resilient and reflective learners, who manage risk and practise independent self-care.

Monster Phonics is taught consistently across the Early Years. Children explore the sounds and formations of letters through interactive, multi-sensory teaching sessions and have continued access to the scheme within continuous provision. Learning environments reflect the stage of phonic development our children are currently working at and include the Monster Phonics colour-coding and visual cues. Phonetic decoding, word recognition, story-telling and vocabulary development are taught discretely and through daily Phonics and English sessions. 

Adults act as role models for reading.  They read aloud on a daily basis to children and constantly encourage children to implement their phonic knowledge and understanding. Children are encouraged to share their opinions on books and recommend their favourite stories to others.

Throughout the Reception year, children take part in an increasing number of directed tasks and independent challenges to ensure children are well prepared for a successful transition to Year One.