Literacy Reading


Reading is at the heart of the curriculum at Godley. Throughout school, a love of reading and an appreciation of books is fostered through highly engaging learning opportunities and immersive experiences linked to high quality texts.

At Godley we are committed to enabling our children to become motivated and independent readers, by building a range of inference, comprehension and understanding skills and encouraging children to read for pleasure.

Within each whole school theme, our classes explore, share, read and investigate a high quality text to drive their learning across the curriculum.

What makes a high quality text?

* protagonists that children can identify and empathise with

* plots that allow children to explore dilemmas, challenges and morality

* humour

* rich language – broadening children’s vocabulary continually

* powerful illustrations that provoke thought and questions

 * a text that allows opportunities for role play and imagination

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One our classrooms house an inviting reading area which provides a space for children to engage with, retell, discuss and share stories, non-fiction texts, poems, comics and picture books. Opportunities for role play and development of story language are provided through use of resources such as puppets, masks and pictures.

In Key Stage Two, class libraries promote a social context for reading and are used by children recommend and review books. Our libraries are well resourced with a range of texts, including novels, picture books, non-fiction texts, graphic novels, newspapers and poetry.  

Across the Key Stages, children are given space and time to enjoy reading and engaging with books in their reading areas and libraries, and are encouraged to develop their own thoughts and opinions, make recommendations and share them with others. Our classes feature an ‘Author of the Moment’, giving children access to variety of texts from a particular author.

Our Reading Den is a sanctuary for all classes to choose, appreciate and experience a wider range of texts. Our children are provided with a comfortable, cosy and relaxing environment to enjoy a book of their choosing. Children are able to borrow books from our Reading Den to enjoy within school and at home. The Den is available for children to use independently as part of the school day, during dinnertime and breaktimes, and is used for focused reading sessions.

Reading is embedded within the whole school curriculum, and takes place throughout the school day.

In Foundation Stage, stories are a key part of the daily timetable and children are well prepared for their reading adventures to begin. In Nursery, focused reading sessions explore characters, settings and events, as well as appropriate handling and care of books. In Reception children have weekly guided reading sessions, small group reading skills activities and have a weekly reading book to practise their reading at home.

In Key Stage One & Two, multiple focus reading sessions take place throughout the week. Children have the opportunity to read independently, in small groups and as a whole class. Reading opportunities and reading skills are used within lessons across the curriculum.

VIPERS are used to develop the following skills:

  • V – Vocabulary
  • I – Inference
  • P – Predicting
  • E – Explanation
  • R – Retrieving
  • S – Summarising

In Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, daily Phonics sessions take place, progressing from Phase 1 in Nursery to Phase 6 in Year 2. Our approach to Phonics is based upon the Letters and Sounds programme, and incorporates a range of interactive activities, songs and games to develop decoding, blending and segmenting skills for reading. At the end of Year One, children take part in a National Phonics Screening Check to show their progression within Phonics.


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