Music is an integral and important part of our ethos at Godley and a key part of school life.

A professional musician, Mr Halligan is part of our staff team. Music is played throughout school and is used in classes to enhance learning and as part of daily routines.

Every child at Godley engages in quality music education. In the Early Years the children sing daily and get the opportunity to experiment with sound in continuous provision areas and through focused learning activities. In KS1 and KS2, pupils participate musically in assemblies and curriculum music lessons.

Music lessons are themed and school topics are integrated into classroom sessions.

Every child in Year 3 has instrumental lessons and lessons continue into Years 4,5 and 6 for some children. 

In addition to our work in the classroom, we also run a large number of musical ensembles. 
•    Godley Noise - School Band
•    Keyboard Group
•    Godley Voice – School Choir
•    Guitar Group
•    Drums/Percussion Group
•    Ukulele Ensemble

Each ensemble has the opportunity to perform in a number of varied environments from assemblies at school to local, large venues like Community Centres and the Town Hall.

Children enjoy musical experiences through listening, singing, playing tuned and untuned percussion, stringed instruments and music technology. 



We believe that Visual Art provides our children with opportunities to think and act creatively by using their knowledge and understanding to inform, inspire and interpret ideas, observations and feelings. We provide opportunities to discover talents within the Arts, which accentuate individuality, and nurture developing skills in an inclusive environment. 

Our aim is for pupils to develop a passion and commitment to the subject and be exposed to a variety of artists and cultures to broaden their knowledge and experiences. 

Celebrating the children’s Art work is an important aspect of the learning process and is done through high quality displays and show-casing in whole school assemblies.

Visual Art units of learning are taught termly focusing on a range of skills including painting, printing, textiles, drawing, collage and sculpture. A clear progression of skills runs throughout school so that the children build upon prior learning and make connections as they move from Reception to Year 6. This enables us to provide a range of opportunities to discover talents, allowing children to work at a greater depth level and deepen their  understanding. 

We have strong links with a professional artist who comes into school throughout the year to lead Art workshops. 

Every year we have an ‘Arts Week’ where the children are given the opportunity to engage in Art based activities centred around a theme. Last year our theme ‘We are Manchester’ provided opportunities to develop a range of skills through an engaging starting point, in which the children were involved in a whole school project to create our own Manchester Bee. 

Design and Technology is taught twice a year as part of two main projects, and is linked to our themes to create an engaging starting point for learning. Our aim is to provide opportunities to develop significant levels of originality and a willingness to take risks in order to produce innovative ideas and prototypes. Our three key concepts include mastering practical skills in order to make high quality products, designing, making, evaluating and improving to develop the process of design thinking, and taking inspiration from design throughout history. 


Design and Technology 

Our D&T curriculum is in a developing phase in which a progression of practical skills across school is being embedded. Our aim is for all children to act as responsible designers and makers, working ethically, using finite materials carefully and working safely. The DT curriculum